#101 - Giving Chase - in A Cabin In The Woods

Giving Chase

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ByrneHouse ByrneHouse

that werewolf art is very inspiring.

I kind of need the sort of Fueling of that sort, since, well....

My uncle Died Saturday night. I hope he's in the hereafter with other loved ones....my grandmother, Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenberg, Kyle (a guy we were going to play Dnd with but he ...yeah you get it )

My uncle died of a heart attack. I loved him. he told me about how Forever has no end....and I feel like he was the Han Solo to my Luke Skywalker.

maybe............Whatever inspiration I may find..... it might help with Grieving. after all, I have my own comic about monsters. Rest in Peace, Uncle Tony.... you had everyone's backs.

8th Sep 2022, 3:20 PM

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