#120 - The Doctor Is Out - in A Cabin In The Woods

The Doctor Is Out

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Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness said:

Full disclosure because I am a brutally honest person, I added 3 panels to this page, especially for you new readers here. I hope you feel special! I realized just recently that this project has really largely been for the benefit of longtime readers and more like bonus/supplement to things they kinda already know, and as a being who exists in 2 timelines right now (comic-wise) I forget that I haven't established things in the comic timeline PAST yet. Also, this was a sequence that was already part of the "script" that I cut because I was making all these pages at the same size, and there wasn't enough room for all the art on 1 page but not enough for a second page. The only other thing I left out was a small scene of little brother Hector telling Vic that everyone thinks he's crazy, but my decision to have the gossip narration on the phone kinda put the kibosh on that.

So here's some more insight to why Vic's mom and dad think he's crying wolf for attention. The Babadook wasn't a thing when I wrote this, but I think it's a fair comparison to what kind of relationship they have... except [spoiler]Vic is the only one in the family that sees it.[/spoiler]

Of course the demonic books his mom is talking about are Goosebumps, a mythology book and a kidsy vampire encyclopedia. He's just doing research (except for the Goosebumps, that's just relatable to him being that they're mostly about kids having to fight monsters while no adults help or even believe them) but Hector had to go and tattle, didn't he?

20th Oct 2021, 12:00 PM



Paracetamol Paracetamol

a. the mother sound like a karen
b. "longtime readers"? how many comic pages have you drawn? is there a way to binge-read them all?

20th Oct 2021, 12:06 PM

Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness

She is absolutely radiant with Karen Energy.

There's currently 1,136 pages of old archive from 2004-2021(but it's still updating) plus 136 ongoing "Revamped" pages (this archive here) which are going to backfill/supersede much of that old archive up to a cutoff point, I'm really only planning on re-drawing a good 800 pages or so.
hmmm I dunno... are you suuure? It's a bit of a journey. The art is all over the place and some of the edgelord-dude writing is something I'd rather leave behind, but if you are the forgiving sort, it does improve by a lot as it goes. Also, there's a goofy standalone story (it's a parody you'll know it when you see it) and 2 crossovers that aren't strictly cannon (they're considered AU) so you'll have to keep that in mind as well. As embarrassed as I am about a good portion of it, there's still a lot in there I'm still petty happy with. So uh, if you really want, here is a link.

20th Oct 2021, 2:53 PM



Longtime reader here(2005), good luck bringe-reading them all. :D (tip: take your time, i've reread the whole thing a couple of times and I'm still finding new info or getting a clearer understanding of what's going on)

Loving the add stuff. :)

20th Oct 2021, 6:57 PM

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