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Your Werewolf Name

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Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness said:

What we aren't naming him Moon Moon?

26th Jul 2021, 12:11 PM



Guest Guest

It's cool as ,long I'm off the menu

26th Jul 2021, 12:19 PM


ByrneHouse ByrneHouse

Menu should have a southern accent.

it's how I imagine he'd sound. Like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill.

I also want Charby to sound like the cross between Invader ZIM and A.M. from "I have no mouth and I must scream"

damn.... some emo phases never run out, huh?

30th Jul 2022, 2:23 PM

Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness

You are absolutely spot-on with Menu! He sounds exactly like Bobby Hill! XD
But not Charby-- I don't imagine him sounding anything like Zim, buuut I'm also just not really a fan of that show for reasons. :(

30th Jul 2022, 3:07 PM


ByrneHouse ByrneHouse

really? because
I've been working on this one Idea I've had inspired by ZIM and also others (like Halo and Kingdom Hearts, Oddworld, Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, ect) that I've been working on since age 12! around the time My grandmother died. if I ever make it a webcomic, it'll have to go on DeviantART.

plus, I get it. the fandom ruined it for me too. god damn GIR hoodies and tacos (ugh!)

30th Jul 2022, 3:55 PM

Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness

Oh I don't mean to say anyone who likes it is wrong for liking it, it's actually a great cartoon in spite of my personal feelings, I had a brief appreciation for it myself. But there was a time where people kept comparing my comic to it after I told them it wasn't one of my influences as I made my comic before having seen the show, and some fans got very insistent that I was wrong/that original ideas I had MUST have been inspired by the creator of the show,(even as far as called "ripping off") and it kinda wore me out. I'm pretty open with my influences so it was kind of baffling!
So yeah in a way fan backlash but not in the usual way. I absolutely would've been that girl wearing the hoodies if not for that haha!

And hey good luck with your project, I don't want to ever sound disparaging toward stuff like that, I think it's cool you got that thing going.

30th Jul 2022, 4:16 PM


ByrneHouse ByrneHouse

hmmm... is there a way to favorite comments? because I think this is a winner.

30th Jul 2022, 4:31 PM

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