#65 - Full Swoon - in A Cabin In The Woods

Full Swoon

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Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness said:

Oh hey, it's the first page where we see Charby can shape-shift into something other than a bat! Yes, he can do that.

12th Aug 2021, 1:20 PM



Werewolfsbane Werewolfsbane

Yes! Big scary wolf form :D

29th Aug 2021, 11:15 AM


ByrneHouse ByrneHouse

our vampires are different

you just might fit that criteria for that trope. lol.

6th Aug 2022, 10:55 AM

Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness

Yup it's on the trope page itself I'm pretty sure! But he's not really doing anything here that classic vampires weren't capable of either, modern vampires have really been streamlined and a lot of interesting traits cut from their lore, I kinda like to bring some of the fun weird things they can do back. The biggest thing is there's different types of vampires across regions and folklore and people have kinda grab-bagged things that are "cool" from a variety of different myths and mashed them all together in one being.

6th Aug 2022, 2:13 PM

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