#70 - Nightmare World - in A Cabin In The Woods

Nightmare World

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Amy Of Darkness

Amy Of Darkness Amy Of Darkness said:

Now you know what the scar is from...
Yeah, I know people like to put warnings before pages like this but if you clicked on a comic that has a big red V on it and didn't expect to see something like this, I dunno what to tell ya. Dead Dove, do not eat! I just generally, really dislike getting spoiled right before a shocking moment in a horror comic by the author telling me what's gonna happen next page. It would have sucked all the impact right out of the proceedings if I said "Hey warning, someone's getting vivisected on the next page" especially because it absolutely waters down the tone whiplash this is supposed to have. I could be overstating the shock factor here though, I dunno-- I watched a lot of horror movies growing up, so I don't get too disturbed by cartoonish gore. Real life however... I do not want to see that. Gorey as this might look, I actually don't go looking at real-life gore for reference EVER because there is a HUGE difference between the almost surreal stuff of horror movies and actual real people being hurt/killed. I'd rather get details wrong than look at any of that.

I actually did a lot of touch-ups on this page and a few others, wanted to make sure things that are relevant later were a little more clear. I was also posting pages at a smaller size of 700 pixels and I really didn't like how that squashed the fonts and a lot of details were getting lost.

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